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Just One Time









"Think Bob & Carol & Ted & Alice for the new millenium, complete with good running jokes, some deft touches, and just enough political correctness."  OUT Magazine


(Co-Screenwriter & Associate Producer)

Produced by Alliance Atlantis, released nationally by Cowboy Booking and broadcast on the Oxygen Channel.  Official selection of The Toronto International Film Festival, San Francisco Gay & Lesbian Film Festival, Seattle International Film Festival, Los Angeles Film Festival, London Gay & Lesbian Film Festival, and OutFest. 


Directed by Lane Janger.  Starring Joelle Carter (Justified), Lane Janger, David Lee Russek, Guillermo Diaz (Scandal), Domenick Lombardozzi (The Wire and Boardwalk Empire) and Jennifer Esposito (Spin City, Blue Bloods).



Praise for JUST ONE TIME:


"...a refreshingly honest look at love and sexual identity....unusually brave in its depiction of just how confusing love and sex can really be, even to those who think they've got it all figured out."  Nitrate


"...raises consciousness in a number of different directions while being good-natured fun throughout.  Wisdom and humor, some of it broad and boisterous dovetail in this modestly budgeted venture....sexual fantasy gives way to a consideration of values without being heavy-handed." L.A.Times


"What makes Just One Timestand out is the respect it gives its characters. Each is a well-written, fully realized individual, not merely a plot device. The story is unpredictable and gently funny. Though the dialogue is often clever, much more humor is found in body language--the myriad ways that people communicate things they're afraid to say out loud. It doesn't hurt that the entire cast is extremely sexy and wears skimpy outfits in the hot New York summer."


"...enjoyable satire of sexual mores and hypocrisies....with an admirable mix of comedy and poignancy."  Time Out New York

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