Vandever writes smart, interesting characters who

gradually mature in believable ways.  Perceptive,

bittersweet, and sometimes darkly funny....

Publishers Weekly


Interview on American Tango, writing, and screwball comedy...

Portland Tribune: Interview and profile on American Tango 


American Tango

Listen, this is brilliant stuff. Jennifer had me with her first novel, The Bronte Project, but American Tango takes things to another level. This book is charming, sad, hopeful, poignant and touching. I don't know where Vandever gets her powers of observation, but they equal the best of what I've read anywhere. Her characters are unforgettable--layered and complicated and true. She has an amazing ear for dialogue and, despite a spiraling series of dramatic events, her comedy resounds. I've dog-eared at least twenty pages throughout the book - pages I intend to read over and over again for their beauty and originality. Read this, please. You won't be disappointed.

Stephen Jay Schwartz, LA Times Best-selling author of Beat and Boulevard


How to keep moving forward when your life has stalled out — that’s part of the push and pull that writer Jennifer Vandever wrestles with in her taut and funny new novel .... with swift and entertaining prose.   

Portland Tribune 

The Bronte Project

Clever .... A zippy romp in which Vandever skillfully parodies academia and Hollywood .... Witty and artful.

New York Times Book Review

It's never anything short of lovely to find a new writer like Vandever: funny, witty, smart, thoughtful .... You'll want to see more from Vandever and soon.  

Buffalo News

Wickedly funny.  -- Christian Science Monitor

A brilliant first novel of love: so original, so enchanting, so poignantly true that it defies you to put it down.

Karen Quinn (author of The Ivy Chronicles)


A first novel that is fresh, playful, intelligent, and consistently entertaining. 

The Boston Globe


A sweet read even a Wuthering Heights fan can love.  -- Entertainment Weekly


A rollicking romp through the fun-house hallways of academe and the narcissism of celebrity.  Kirkus Reviews


Wickedly clever . . . Vandever's irreverent debut novel dips into Victorian letters for inspiration, dredging up romantic angst to frame and foil a love story set in the age of new media.   Publishers Weekly




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